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Why do your services at Sport Durst Automotive Group?

1. Check Engine Light
a. We will check your CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ABSOLUTELY FREE to see what the code is.
2. Certified Trained Technicians
a. Manufacturer Certified Trained Technicians and Specialist
b. Ongoing training with the manufacturer’s
c. Many of our technicians are certified technicians and are National Institute for Automotive Service of Excellence (A.S.E.) certified
3. Customer Satisfaction
a. We work under the manufacturer’s banner so we have to measure up to their guidelines and standards for quality and success.
b. We know if you are not happy you can hold us accountable with our manufacturers.
c. Plus we know if you are a happy customer you are more apt to tell a friend, but we know when you are unhappy you will tell 10 friends.

4. Recalls and Service Bulletins

a. This is a major advantage over the other guys. When our manufacturer’s send out an open recall or an updated bulletin to fix a vehicle we have that information at our disposal. When you come into our facility we check your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) each time to ensure your vehicle is up to date.
5. Guarantee of Work
a. Our name is our reputation and we represent the manufactures and we know your future business is dependent on quality of parts and workmanship that we provide.
b. 12 Month or 12,000 Mile warranty on Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts (OEM Parts)
c. Sport Durst is a fully Insured Automobile Dealer
d. We keep electronic backup and hard copies of your service history on your vehicle for your convenience.
6. Parts
a. Sport Durst keeps over 3 Million dollars of the fastest moving parts in stock to minimizing your time visiting us here at Sport Durst
b. Hundreds of other Dealerships, Independent Garages and quick lubes depend on us for their OEM parts.
c. The other guys have to come to a manufacturer for Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts (OEM Parts) which means they have to call us, send a driver to pick them up and generally they have to mark up the parts 50% to make a profit. Costing you more in parts and labor. So cut out the middle man and work directly with Sport Durst
7. Facilities and Tools
a. Our dealership has a distinct advantage vs. the other guys when it comes to Facilities and tools as well. Sport Durst is a huge dealership with over 50 bays, lifts, with over 200 employees dedicated to your needs and wanting to ensure that you come first with all of your automobile needs.
b. State of the Art equipment with Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in equipment and manufacturer specific tools
c. Independent and Quick Lubes work on shoe string budgets and rarely invest in manufacturer specific tools
d. Free Wi Fi in our Lounge
e. Direct TV
f. Free Snacks
g. Coffee or Free Bottle Water
8. Setting up Appointments
a. Call or Chat Online to speak with someone who can set up an appointment and give you answers.
b. or go to our website and set it up yourself. Convenience
9. Shuttle Service
a. We will shuttle you for to your home, work or even if you want to be dropped off at the movies within a 15 Miles Radius
10. Quick Lubes may be quicker at oil changes, but quicker may not be better. Yes we can match times on just oil changes, but we do more than just an oil change. We cross reference your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) against our manufacturer database to check for open recalls and updated bullentins. Some updates are free of charge, but may require a little time.
a. They are NOT factory trained technicians?
b. They can only do very routine maintenance but can NOT repair your vehicle.
c. They can NOT check for updates to bulletins and open recalls?
d. They can NOT call the manufacturer about your vehicle?
e. They do NOT have parts in stock, so they have to come to a manufacturer representative a.k.a. "THE DEALERSHIP"
f. They do NOT have manufacturer specific tools
g. They can NOT do any type of manufacturer diagnostics.
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